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This website is always growing and new stones are being added on a regular basis. Here is a list of stone species that are currently on the site. Just click on the stone name to go directly to its species page. You can also navigate around by using the teal drop-down in the menu bar above, or the column to the right.


18kt Gold on Druzy
Abalone Shell Pendants
Aegean Dawn Druzy
African Queen Jasper
African Queen Jasper Drilled Pendant
Agate Creek Agate
Agate Druzy
Agua Nueva Agate
Alex Horst
Alex Horst Mokume
Amazon Valley Jasper
Amethyst Bead Strands
Amethyst Cabochons
Amethyst Druzy
Amethyst, Faceted
Amethyst Stalagmite Slices
Ammonite Drilled Pendants
Ammonite in Matrix
Ammonite Whole Pendants
Ammonites, Picasso
Apache Gold
Apache Hills Dolomite
Apache Sage Jasper
Arizona Sunset Jasper
Arizona Zebra Jade
Art-Carved Beach Stones
Art-Carved Druzy Agate
Art-Carved Nature Forms
Azurite with Quartz
Bali Carved Gems
Baltic Amber
Beach Stone Carved Pendants
Beach Stone Drilled Pendants
Beach Stones
Bickley Studios Glass Pendants
Biggs Jasper
Black and Grey Druzy
Black and White Ice
Black and White Striped Agates
Black Copper Fire Brick
Black Druzy
Black Garnet Druzy
Black Onyx
Black Star Diopside Cabochon
Black Tourmaline
Blue Chalcedony Druzy
Blue Lapis
Blue Quartz Druzy
Blue Topaz, Faceted
Blue Turbo Shell
Blush Ripple Dolomite
Botryoidal Agate
Botryoidal Hematite
Brazilian Fossil Tree Fern
British Fordite
Brown Ammonite in Matrix
Budd Stone
Bumblebee Jasper
Butterfly Jasper
Cabochon Matched Sets
Cameo Shell
Candy Stripe Rhyolite
Cape Amethyst Drilled Pendant
Caravan Turquoise
Carib Titanium Druzy
Carved Leaves
Carved Starfish
Cat's Eye Moonstone
Chalcedony, Art-Carved
Chameleon Druzy
Cherry Creek Jasper
Cherry Creek Jasper Drilled Pendants
Chesterfield Jasper
Chevron Amethyst
China Picture Stone
Chinese Magnesite
Chinese Turquoise
Chinese Writing Stone
Cinnabar in Quartz
Citrine, Faceted
Citrine Cabochon
Citron Magnesite
Clear Quartz
Cloisonne Drilled Pendant
Cloud Drusies
Cloud-Forms, Druzy
Cobalto Calcite Druzy
Colla Wood
Collared Drilled Pendants
Color Shift Ocean Conchina
Colored Faceted Gems, natural source
Conchinas, color-coated
Confetti Agate
Copper Fire Brick
Coppers in Matrix
Coral, Black
Coral, Blue
Coral, Fossilized
Coral, White
Cream Agate Druzy
Crystal Cove Silicate
Crystal Geode Slices
Crystalline Coral
Cubic Zirconia Cabochons
Cubic Zirconia Faceted Gems
CZ Cabochons
CZ Facted Gems
Dark Agate Druzy
Dendrite Druzy
Dendritic Limestone
Dendritic Turkish Opal
Deschutes Jasper
Designs by Greg Genovese
Diamonds, Genuine Melee
Diamonds, Ideal Cut
Dinosaur Bone
Dotted Druzy
Druzy Clouds
Druzy Leaves
Druzy Starfish
Druzy, Aegean Dawn
Druzy, Black and White Patterned
Druzy, Black Garnet
Drruzy, Blue Chalcedony
Druzy, Carib
Druzy, Chameleon
Druzy, Collectors
Druzy, Dotted
Druzy, Galaxy
Druzy, Glacier Blue
Druzy, Lagoon
Druzy, Rare Natural Color
Druzy, Rare Patterned
Druzy, Sun-Kissed Agate
Druzy, Sunsplash
Druzy, Titanium
Druzy, Turquoise Blue
Druzy, Twinkle
Druzy Matched Sets
Druzy Minis
Druzy Sets
Druzy, Uruguayan
Druzy, Vanadinite
Dyed Chinese Magnesite
Dyed Drusies
Espresso Garnet Druzy
Faceted Gemstones
Faceted Rutilated Quartz
Fairy Drops
Fairy Dust Druzy
Feather Plume Agate
Fenster Quartz
Fern Fossils
Flow Conchinas
Forest Druzy
Fossil Orthoceras
Fossil Tree Fern
Fossilized Coral
Fossilized Coral Starfish
Fossilized Mud Cracks
Galaxy Titanium Druzy
Garnet, Faceted
Gary Wilson Carved Nature Forms
Genovese Druzy Nature Forms
Glacier Blue Druzy
Glacier Blue Druzy Drilled Pendant
Glistening Grass Quartz
Green Parrot Wing Jasper
Greg Genovese
Greg King
Grey Ammonite in Matrix
Guadalupe Poppy Jasper
Hermann Petry Art-Carved
Hurricane Starburst Jasper
Hypersthene Feldspar
Imperial Jasper
Inlay Stones
Iris Rainbow Quartz
Jasper Donuts

Jumbo Stones


K2 Stone
Kazakhstan Agate
Keith Horst
Keith Horst Amethyst Druzy
Kevin O'Grady Glass Pendants
Kingston Conglomerate Copper
Koroit Opals
Lab-Created Corundum Cabochons
Lab-Created Corundum Faceted Gems
Lab-Created Spinel Cabochons
Lab-Created Spinel Faceted Gems
Lagoon Druzy
Laguna Agate
Laguna Lace Agate
Large White Agate Druzy
Leaf Carvings
Lemon Chrysoprase
Lemonade Agate Druzy
Leopard Skin Jasper
Lepidolite with Tourmaline
Lightning Jasper
Matched Sets
Melee Diamonds
Mexican Lace Agate
Midnight Black Druzy
Mokume Gane
Moodscape Jasper
Moonbeam Botryoidal Agate
Montana Moss Agate
Moss Agate, Transparent
Mother of Pearl Cabochons
Mother of Pearl Pendants
Multicolored Titanium Druzy
Native Silver and Cobalt
Natural Color Botryoidal Agate
Natural Color Patterned Druzy
Natural Grey Druzy
Nature Form Drusies
Nature Forms
Nature Theme Druzy
Nature's Paintbrush
Nautilus Shell Pendants
Night Cloud Druzy
Night Dance Guadalupe Poppy Jasper
Noreena Jasper
Norwegian Moonstone
Ocean Conchina
Ocean Picture Jasper
Ocean Wave Jasper
Op Art Druzy
Opal, Turkish
Opalized Conchinas
Opalized Flow Conchinas
Opals in Matrix
Orthoceros Drilled Pendant
Owyhee Abstract Jasper
Owyhee Landscape Jasper
Owyhee Jasper
Paint Rock
Parrot Wing Jasper-Green
Parrot Wing Jasper-Water Colors
Peridot, Faceted
Peruvian Opal
Petrified Palmwood
Petrified Wood
Picasso Ammonite
Picasso Marble
Piemontite with Thulite
Pietersite Matched Sets
Pink Druzy
Pinstripe Agate
Platinum Druzy
Polish Flint
Polychrome Jasper
Polychrome Jasper Landscapes
Porcelain Jasper
Print Stone
Prudent Man Plume Agate
Pyrite Druzy
Pyrite in Quartz
Pyritized Ammonite Negative Pendant
Rainbow Moonstones
Rainbow Obsidian
Rainbow Pyrite Druzy
Rainforest Jasper
Red Coral Drilled Pendant
Red Coral-Sterling Silver Pendant
Red Imperial Jasper
Red Sonoran Sunrise Jasper
Rock Crystal Bead Strands
Rock Crystal Drilled Pendants
Royal Aztec Agate
Royston Ribbon Turquoise
Rutilated Quartz
Sale Cabs
Sale Drilled Hearts
Sale Drilled Pendants
Savannah Jasper
Sets, Cabochons
Sets, Drusies
Shell and Sterling Pendant
Shungite Drilled Pendant
Silver, Native and Cobalt
Silvery Gold Sheen Obsidian
Slate with Pyrite
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Snowblade Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Sonoran Dendritic Jasper
Sonoran Sunrise Jasper
South Pacific Carved Druzy Agate
Sparkle Druzy
Spider Jasper
Spiderman Jasper
Spiny Oyster Shell
Spotted Coneshell
St. John's Flower Agate
Stalagmite Slices
Star Shadow Druzy
Star Ruby Cabochon
Starburst Amethyst
Starburst Jasper
Starburst Stalagmite
Starfish Drilled Pendants
Starfish, Genovese Druzy
Starry Jasper
Stormy Ocean Wave Jasper
Strawberry Rose
Striped Jaspers
Sun-bleached Petrified Palmwood
Sun-Kissed Agate Drusies
Sunsplash Druzy
Surf Agate
Sweet Deals Cabs
Sweet Deals Drilled Pendants
Synthetic Corundum Cabochons
Synthetic Corundum Faceted Gems
Synthetic CZs
Synthetic Spinel Cabochons
Synthetic Spinel Faceted Gems
Synthetic Transparent Cabochons
Tabu Jasper
Tahitian Snow Agate
Tibetan Turquoise
Thicket Jasper
Tiffany Stone
Topaz, Faceted Blue
Tourmaline, Faceted
Turkish Opal
Turquoise, Arizona Sleeping Beauty
Turquoise, Caravan
Turquoise, Chinese
Turquoise, Persian
Turquoise, Tibetan
Turquoise Blue Druzy
Twinkle Druzy
Two-Tone Imperial Jasper
Two-Toned Petrified Palmwood
Uruguay Patterned Druzy
Utah Wonderstone
Uvarovite Druzy
Vanadinite Druzy
Velvet Obsidian
Violet Night Druzy
Weeping Willow Sparkling Bronze Druzy
White Agate Druzy, Large
White Agate with Druzy
White Druzy Agate
White Plume Agate Doublet
Willow Creek Jasper
Wind Cloud Druzy
Windowbox Amethyst
Zebra Rock
Zircon, Faceted

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