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South Pacific Carved Gems

South Pacific Carved Gems

I have a wonderful friend who lives with his family in Bali and brings beautiful gems to the Tucson show every other year. He has just a small bag of gorgeous stones that he taught the artisans in his shop how to cut. Each one is unique, and many contain pretty sparkling druzy crystals. He told me a story of how he went from island to island in Indonesia, visiting the villages and asking to see unusual stones they might have discovered nearby. When one villager brought him a sample of beautiful purple, gem-quality chalcedony, he mined it out, replaced the forest, and then had his artists carve the stone into beautiful shapes. Any one of these unique, lyrically beautiful pieces would make your jewelry designs sing!

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Bali-Carved Purple Chalcedony
This lovely shell is plump and heavy, of solid gem-quality Purple Chalcedony. It came from an island..
Bali-Carved Purple Chalcedony
The lyrical curves that have been hand-carved into this deep lavender gem-quality Purple Chalcedony ..
South Pacific Carved Druzy Agate
Luscious, buttery polished agate has been carved in pretty swirls to offset the rich orange of spark..
South Pacific Carved Agate
This pretty leaf was hand-carved by a Bali artisan to bring out the light within its yellow-orange ..
Bali-Carved Carnelian
Beautiful translucent red-orange carnelian alternates with translucent quartz, and a talented art..
South Pacific Carved Druzy Agate
Snowy white druzy is surrounded by sinous curves of creamy, partially tranlucent agate. Tragically, ..
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