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Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

If you've ever been out in a juniper-pinyon pine woodland in the West, leaned against a tree trunk and accidentally got tree sap on your hands or clothes, you will know what I mean when I say that it's the stickiest substance in Nature. This sap is the trees' natural defense against insect attack. Well, 40 million years ago, that same type of sap found on trees in Eastern Europe became fossilized, and the result is one of the most wonderful organic gems: Amber. I've had a difficult time obtaining amber cabochons because the artisans in Poland, Lithuania, and other countries where amber is found, like to keep the stones for their own jewelry work. But during this past Tucson show, I was able to obtain these beautiful pieces, each of which is unique with its own mix of plant matter caught inside. These are polished on all sides. Please remember that Amber is a relatively soft stone, and not really suitable for heavy wear items.

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