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I just love these with their gorgeous blue color. Lapis comes from Afghanistan, mined so deep in the mountains that it must be all carried out on the backs of donkeys! Some of these pieces have areas of soft grey that add texture and depth. And many contain extremely tiny sprinkles of pyrite, which make the stones glisten under bright light. The cabochons average 3.5 to 4mm thick, with polished backs and nearly flat faces. The inlay pieces are much thinner, and must be set into metal so that their faces are flush with the surface for protection.

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Lapis PB342
The deep midnight blue of this large piece is offset with mottled patterns of deep grey and silvery ..
Lapis Set
Lapis Set BLU12
This matched stone set has the intense blue color of a warm tropical night just after sunset. Earrin..
Lapis BLU16
This beautiful lapis is an intense, almost royal blue color, but it has a couple of tiny healed frac..
Lapis PB61
This beautiful dark midnight blue teardrop is pillowy instead of flat-faced. It has little sprinkles..
Lapis BLU27
This lovely stone has unusually bright blue color with micro-specks of pyrite. It has a satin back..
Lapis Pair
This beautiful blue pair has a lighter-on-darker blue subtly mottled effect with a couple of specks ..
Lapis Pair
The lighter blues against darker blues give this pair interest. It has a satin back. It is mined in ..
Lapis Pair
Subtle mottling of medium and rich dark blue with microscopic flecks of silvery pyrite make this pai..
Lapis for Inlay
This beautiful blue stone is somewhat thicker and sturdier than the other inlay stones, and would wo..
Lapis for Inlay
This thin, inlay stone has a polished back, with little sprinkles of pyrite in the corners. It is mi..
Lapis for Inlay
This thin, inlay stone has a polished back. It is mined in Afghanistan...
Lapis for Inlay
This stone is a little thicker than the other inlay stones, but it has some visible hairline fissure..
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