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This gorgeous stone is a relative newcomer to the mineral scene: Its single source in Russia was discovered less than thirty years ago. The best charoite (pronounced char as in charcoal, oh- ite) specimens are chatoyant, but even the non-chatoyant ones are lovely. Charoite may contain patches of black (Aegerine), yellowish orange (Tinaksite) and also translucent crystals (Microcline Feldspar). Hardness of this stone is 5, so it's not appropriate for use in heavy-wear jewelry.  Some claim that wearing Charoite promotes self-esteem, contentment, and inner peace. All stones have satin-finish back.

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Charoite PB164
This magnificent stone captures a shimmering waterfall of chatoyance next to a wall of soft violet. ..
Charoite PB422
Mined in Russia, this beautiful stone is a deep lavender and partially chatoyant. Note that it is a..
Charoite PB191
This piece features silvery chatoyance against lavender and purple, with accents of black. Mined in ..
Charoite PB196
This freeform, partially chatoyant stone also has a freeform cut--It is slightly thicker along one s..
Charoite PB182
This pretty piece has two natural clefts in its surface that are not highly noticeable against the h..
Charoite PB189
Although this piece is not chatoyant, it features an almost zen-like image of mottled shadows of pu..
Charoite PB181
The lack of chatoyance in this pretty teardrop won't be missed because its overlay of deeper purple ..
Charoite PB194
Despite its lack of chatoyance, this piece is still especially pretty with its cascade of contrastin..
Charoite PB186
Deep violet and lavender give this piece its own special character. Non-chatoyant. Mined in Russia,..
Charoite PB190
Although it's not strongly chatoyant, this piece has quiet colors and hints of translucent "windows"..
Charoite PB195
Mined in Russia, this non-chatoyant but pretty drop has a hardness of 5. Satin-finish back. ..
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