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Lavender Agates

Lavender Agates

From Mexico, home to wonderful silicated (quartz) stones such as Mexican Lace Agate, come these beautiful lavender agates. The color palette is similiar in these, but some have wonderful orbs, while others feature bright white "clouds." All are very durable, and some are partially translucent.

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Royal Aztec Agate
This piece is so pretty--It grades from a pure white center, through surrounding lavender bands, al..
Royal Aztec Agate
A canyon pattern of agate bands divides the purple landscape of this translucent Royal Aztec Agate...
Laguna Agate
Magical white orbs float softly through a dreamscape of purple, lavender, and translucent quartz. P..
Agua Nueva Agate
What a pretty stone, with an almost periwinkle-blue rim around a lush lavender-white banded "shorel..
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