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Water Color Coated Drusies

Water Color Coated Drusies

These beautiful coated drusies sparkle like sunlight on water, and come in every shade of aqua, sea-green, and turquoise. They also have sunset and sunrise pastel shades--all evocative of wathcing the light dance on the waves as you walk along the beach. Remember that these should never be machine-buffed.

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Aegean Dawn Druzy
This piece is just exquisite – perfect color, sparkle, depth. There is a tiny nick on the edge of th..
Aegean Dawn Druzy
The druzy crystals in this piece are almost organic – they mound and dip. One natural low spot eve..
Aegean Dusk Druzy
An arc of smooth matte black agate guards this piece. The border along one edge of this stone accent..
Aegean Dawn Druzy
A galaxy of sparkles light up this stone. Titanium coating. Mined in Brazil. ..
Aegean Dawn Druzy
This small piece sparkles with blues, whites, and an occasional flash of red. Titanium coating. Mine..
Aegean Dawn Druzy
This piece is small, but it sparkles with flashes of blue, yellow, and white. Titanium coating. Mine..
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