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Monochromatic Drusies

These are the drusies that convey both simplicity and elegance, and can be added as accent stones to any design. They come in naturally-dyed black (the color permeates the entire stone), dark brown Espresso Garnet Druzy, and grey. NOTE: Naturally-occuring white and Wind Cloud (translucent quartz) drusies can be found on our specialty page of light Agate Drusies.

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Black Druzy
This black druzy is dyed in a simple but lengthy process that permanently and thoroughly permeates t..
Black Garnet Druzy
This piece contains a tiny hole running through it, a natural space inbetween the crystals. The st..
Espresso Garnet Druzy
This large piece has high sparkle with a decorative ribbon of green crystals. Unpolished back. ..
Espresso Garnet Druzy
This stone has more textural variety over its face, a natural feature. Unpolished back. ..
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