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Your Invitation to join:
The Heart of Stone Studio
Guest Gallery

The Heart of Stone Studio Guest Gallery is my way of saying "Thank You" to all my great and talented customers, because it provides free publicity for your work.

What you getWhat it costsWho's eligibleDeadlineGeneral infoSubmittal DirectionsCaveats/Disclaimers

What you get:

One photo of your work published on our new guest gallery page, with the contact information of your choice, including a hyperlink to your website or e-mail address. This can be a valuable way to enhance public awareness of you and your work.

What it costs:

Nothing…It's free during the year in which you've made your purchases. The only thing we ask is, if you want us to link to your website, that you reciprocate with a link back to Heart of Stone Studio's website. This strengthens both sites.

Who's eligible:

Any Heart of Stone Studio customer who makes and sells jewelry using stones purchased from the Heart of Stone Studio website. The piece shown in your photo must include a Heart of Stone Studio cabochon, druzy, or pearl that is visible in the picture.

Deadline for submittal:

None, as long as you have purchased stones of any type from Heart of Stone Studio in that year.

General information on what to submit:

  1. A photo of your piece.
    • I will accept square digital photographs ONLY, in .jpg, .tiff or .png format with good resolution so that details are visible. Don't send prints, slides or snapshots.
    • The size of the digital photo should be 500 x 500 pixels and the maximum size should be 600 x 600 pixels. The photo that sits on the gallery page will be smaller, but it will be hyperlinked so that people can click on it to see a larger photo of 500 x 500 pixels.
    • The piece pictured MUST be your own work, handcrafted by you, and MUST use a stone from Heart of Stone Studio. The photo MUST be in crisp focus. I won't do any retouching or color correction--that's up to you. See photography tips below.

  2. Include the contact information you want to go with the photo.  Three very short lines are available. Select only three from the options below:
    • Your Name (or)
    • The name of your business
    • Your website URL I will provide a link to your website or page
    • Your e-mail address (or) Your Facebook Page. I will provide a link to whichever you prefer. Please recognize that having your e-mail address in this gallery means that it will be published on the web for all the world to see. If you do not want your e-mail address available to the general web public, do not include it in your submittal.
  3. By sending me your photo and information, this indicates that you have read and approved the Caveats and Disclaimers paragraph (see bottom of page). This paragraph basically says that this gallery is a free service and explains the rights of Heart of Stone Studio and what is expected from you, the artist. Please be sure to read it before you submit your work.

Photo Tips:

—Pick a piece that represents your work best. Remember, it has to have a Heart of Stone Studio gemstone visible in it. The price of the piece will not be mentioned. You can discuss pricing when people contact you. You can submit a photo of a representative piece even if it's already sold, as long as you are willing to make something similar for customers who contact you.

—Clean off dust, fingerprints, pet hairs and other things from both your piece and the background on which it's shot.

—Shoot your photo as close in to your piece as possible so that it's easier for people to see on the web page. In other words, make sure your piece takes up as much space in your photo as possible.

Bad Submittal Example

Bad cropping—too much blank space—piece gets lost in the sea of grey 

Good Submittal Example

Good cropping—photos are the same width but this one was cropped to be vertical.

It shows much more detail of your piece because it's either shot closer up, and/or is cropped tighter in around the piece.

—For the best results, try shooting several shots of your piece under different lights and pick the one with the most accurate colors. Don't submit a photo of a sterling silver piece that looks like gold. I won't be editing your photo. Shoot against a plain background (preferably grey) so that your work stands out.

—Make sure your photo is in focus. Blurry photos will not be accepted for the gallery.

—If you've done a pendant on a chain, don't try to photograph the entire chain if you haven't made it—the pendant itself will be too small to see. If you've made the chain and want to show it off, photograph the chain arranged around the pendant in an artful arrangement that doesn't take up too much space.

Submittal Directions

How to submit your information:

  1. E-mail me ( your 3 lines of contact information.
    Be sure to proofread it first.
  2. Tell me which of my stones you have used in the piece.
  3. Include your chosen .jpg or .tiff photo as an attachment to the e-mail.
    Don't put it into the body of the e-mail; I might not be able to get it out.
  4. If you have a website, I would appreciate your creating a link back to my site:
  5. Read the Important Caveats and Disclaimers paragraph below.
    Submitting your work is automatic acceptance of these caveats.

Important Caveats and Disclaimers:

This service is being offered as a courtesy to Heart of Stone Studio customers. It is meant to provide additional exposure to professional and up and coming artists. Artists who have websites and whose work is accepted for this gallery agree to provide a link back from their site to As no charges are involved, Heart of Stone Studio and Judith Kiriazis reserve the right to turn down any submissions which they consider inappropriate for any reason, or to discontinue any or all portions of this Guest Gallery page. Photos submitted remain the property of the artists and will not be used for any other purpose than that of this gallery page, unless permission of the individual artist is obtained. It will be announced that all designs shown on the page are the property of each artist and are copyrighted, although Heart of Stone Studio and Judith Kiriazis cannot guarantee that the contents of this page will not be copied or misused in any way, because this is a publicly-accessible website. All communications and contacts made between artists and the public as a result of using this web page are the responsibility of the individual artist: Heart of Stone Studio and Judith Kiriazis disclaim any responsibility for interactions between artists and their customers that arise as a result of contacts made through this website and web page. Artists who submit their work are automatically considered in agreement to these caveats.

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